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  • Wheat extract oil was shown in clinical studies to reverse the signs of aging, while replenishing moisture and repairing skin damage.

    Phytoceramides Study

Read about the Clinical Study done on Wheat Extract Oil and Skin Repair.

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What are Phytoceramides & How Do They Work?

Only Quality Phytoceramides Will Help You Reverse the Signs of Aging.

Premium Phytoceramides ExtractOK, first things first- it is important to understand that not all Phytoceramides supplements are created equal. Only a high quality Phytoceramides product is going to get you the results you are looking for. Specifically, the most effective Phytoceramides supplement contains wheat extract oil and has at least 350mgs per serving (taken once a day) with no fillers, binders or additives.

Why 350mg of Phytoceramides daily? That is the result found most effective during the clinical study found in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science. Anything less will have a reduced impact on your anti-aging results.

What are Phytoceramides and how do they work? Our bodies contain ceramides, which are found within the lipid layer of skin, and help retain tissue moisture for continued hydration. Ceramides also keep skin elastic, smooth and youthful. As you start to age, you begin to lose ceramides, which leads to fine lines, wrinkles, skin damage and dryness. However, ceramides can be extracted from wheat, and taken as a supplement to increase your ceramide levels and erase fine lines and wrinkles, repair skin and add hydration.

What is the Key to Reversing the Signs of Aging with Phytoceramides?

The key to reversing the signs of aging and erasing fine lines and wrinkles is wheat extract oil and Vitamin E, as found in supplements like Phytoceramides Premium.

Research has documented the power wheat extract oil has on increasing ceramide levels in humans and reversing the signs of aging, moisture replenishment and skin repair. Wheat extract oil contains high dosages of Vitamin E, which is an essential vitamin for fighting fine lines and wrinkles, while also replenishing moisture and repairing skin damage.

While many skin care supplements exert only one effect on the body, Phytoceramides Premium™ sets itself apart as a dual-action solution that not only prevents wrinkles, but also offers skin repair and re-hydration.

Wheat Extract Oil Erases the Signs of Aging

We begin to lose ceramides as we age causing fine lines, wrinkles and skin damage. However, ceramides can also be found in plants such as wheat, and when extracted and formulated into a supplement can effectively replenish ceramide levels in humans and reverse the signs of aging.

Plant based ceramide extractions allow for the increase in human ceramide levels. By increasing our ceramide levels we can see a reversal of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as moisture replenishment and skin repair.

What's the Science Behind Phytoceramides?

And Do They Really Work?

Science behind PhytoceramidesPhytoceramides supplements are safe and have been proven effective in clinical studies. However, some manufactures develop inferior products that reduce the effect these supplements will have on your skin care goals.

A widely reviewed clinical study of Phytoceramides was published in International Journal of Cosmetic Science, where they researched the effect of 350mg of wheat extract oil on skin repair. The clinical trial supports the positive effect that wheat extract oil has on the reversal of fine lines and wrinkles. You can see the full clinical study by Clicking here.

So, to recap, a premium quality Phytoceramides product works to replenish ceramide levels in the human body, which allows for the reversal of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as moisture replenishment and skin repair.

Wheat extract oil is the ultimate extract to help you reverse those signs of aging because it contains high dosages of Vitamin E. It has been all over the news for a reason. But, make sure you only buy a premium Phytoceramides product, with Vitamin E, that will actually help you erase those fine lines and wrinkles, not just some powder in a pill.